The friendly BONIFACIO, escaped from the usual pursuers, tells of his recent adventures
and future projects, saying…

Jos̩ Miguel PEREZ SIERRA Рconductor
Roberto RECCHIA – stage director

Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini in Jesi
Massimo Bellini Theater in Catania

Young Rosina confessed her love for Lindoro.
BARTOLO is very sad…

Fabio BIONDI – conductor
Cesare SCARTON – stage director

Flavio Vespasiano Theater in Rieti

Our BONIFACIO tries to convince young Salvini
“to look for another palette to spread their colors and to leave Nelly”,
promised bride of his friend Adelson.
He will pronounce: “Whoever washes the head of the donkey wastes the soap”.

BONIFACIO is worried: he can not find Salvini.
During his research he meets Struley.
Bonifacio suspects that Struley is a policeman and kicks out him.
Later, Bonifacio finds Salvini who says he had met Adelson.
What will happen now?

Everyone is looking for young Salvini
because Milord wants to meet his dear friend.
This would be a disaster, because of forbidden love of young painter.
Will BONIFACIO manage to postpone the dangerous meeting?

Adelson is angry because he suspects that Nelly loved Salvini.
BONIFACIO has to convince Milord that he’s wrong.